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MacBook Pro 13-inch mid 2010 fans starts to work very intensely

Macbook Pro 13-inch mid 2010 fan starts to work very intensely and laptop works very slowly. I took it to the local repair shop and was told that one of the cables that connects to logic board (wifi cable in my case) was being shorted everytime the bottom is closed, When I put my macbook in vertical position with bottom off and it works smooth and nice, as soon as I put everything back and turn on my machine, the fan starts to work very fast and it is very slow.

Did someone here faced similar issue? if you did, how did you resolve it?

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It sounds like you didn’t like the answer the shop gave you to replace the display as the cable goes behind the glass to the webcam and would be a pig to swap and rare to buy the cable on it’s the own. If you swapped the cable you’d end up replacing the glass as well so best to buy a full display.

There is the third option to follow the ifixit antenna replacement guide taking apart the laptop perhaps you could find the short and coat with conformal coating to stop it, is also use isopropyl on the connectors and toothbrush as this is the main point of failure for loose connections and shorts.

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