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The third iteration of Lenovo's Yoga line of notebooks, similar in design and hardware to its predecessors. Designated by model number 80HE000DUS.

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Whats the maximum upgrade that I can do on this laptop?

This laptop cannot run modern games without lag . So can I upgrade this model or i need to buy a new one ?

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There’s nothing that you can do to improve the performance of the laptop except perhaps to replace the systemboard if your particular model variant doesn’t already have the highest system specifications systemboard that is available for the laptop.

The memory (4GB or 8GB max.) is hard mounted on the systemboard as is the CPU, ( M-5Y70, 1.1GHz or M-5Y71, 1.2GHz) so the only way to upgrade these components is to change the systemboard, unless of course you already have the highest spec board installed that is, then there are no options to upgrade

Here are the specifications for the laptop.

Here is the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

On p.55 Item #9 are the part numbers for all the various motherboards showing what the CPU is and also what amount of memory is mounted on the board. If you search online only using the part number you will get results for suppliers of the motherboard so that you can check the cost if you decide to upgrade by replacing the systemboard.

You can increase the storage though if you want. Go to p.40 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove / replace the SSD.

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