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User-centric 15" Asus F553M notebook laptop. Released in 2015.

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Why won't my computer start properly?

I have an ASUS TUF 505dt laptop and when attempting to turn it on, the keyboard lights turn on, the power button light turns on, and the indictor lights work properly. No fans or other components the normally make noise are turning on. It stays completely silent. The screen also remains completely off. No dim light and an external monitor remains black also. I tested the battery and charger with the static test and they are working properly. I also tested the ram with a different laptop and the ram works. I also took out the circle motherboard battery for about 15-20 minutes and put it back in. That also didn't work. Any ideas?

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If your system is able to power on and is not giving you any error messages, the issue may be with your hard drive. Try entering your PC's BIOS. Make sure that your hard drive is recognized by the system. Also, check your system's boot order and make sure that your hard drive is set to boot first.

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