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An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical device that provides backup power to critical equipment in the event of a power outage or other power-related issues.

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Is it a problem that a UPS replacement battery arrived with no charge?

I have 4 APC UPS’s, three Back-Ups 1000XL’s and one Smart-UPS 1500; every two to three years I end up having to replace the battery when the UPS starts complaining that the battery needs to be replaced. Usually when I buy a replacement battery the battery usually has at the very least a 20% charge on arrival but in the most recent instance where I bought a replacement battery it appears to have a zero charge when it arrived. Not knowing how long this sat with a zero charge, is this something to be terribly concerned about or will I still most likely get 2-3 years of good use out of the battery?

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Hi @normathome ,

Does it start to charge at all?

As you said having zero charge is a concern because it may indicate other problems e.g. faulty battery.

If it starts to charge allow it to fully charge and then check its performance under load i.e. simulate a power failure perhaps, as compared to your other batteries or what you know from experience with them.

You may have to test and fully charge it 2-3 times to condition it again and then check.

Is there a warranty with the battery? Perhaps you should contact the seller anyway and ask/advise about the battery’s condition when you got it.

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I'm watching it right now and it's up to an 80% charge so Yes it is charging and my main concern is that I may not get the full life of the battery because it sat for some unknown length of time at 0% charge. The battery does come with an 18 month warranty, so if you think it's a problem then I'll make an inquiry with the vendor.



As I suggested, check it under load and see if it lasts as long as you think the previous ones did.

I would still contact the seller as getting fully discharged new batteries is not good. Even having a 20-40% charge indicates that they're being maintained before sale or they are reasonably newly made and not old stock

Is there a date stamp on the battery, indicating when it was manufactured i.e. week and year (4 digits) or perhaps month and year? This may give a clue to how old it is.


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