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After ssd change, the trackpad doesn’t click

After ssd change, the trackpad doesn’t click, and I cant choose disk utility because of it, also Enter doesn’t work! Could anyone help me with this issue? I have Mac OS El Capitan, the ssd I was changing to is Samsung 860 evo 500gb

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I would first make sure the Trackpad cable is fully seated into the logic board, maybe it got bumped during SSD replacement and got knocked loose.

If that doesn’t work you can try adjusting the trackpad tension screw and see if that helps. You’ll need a T6 to do this. Make a half a turn, place laptop in upright position and then test the trackpad. If it’s not clicking properly make another half turn and test it again. If you over tighten this screw you can break the trackpad so be careful.

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Ryan thank you for your reply,

Fortunately enough, I was able to solve my issue using voice assistant throughout reinstalation process, once I was done, I simply recovered my previous settings and it worked as before,

Thanks again for sharing, hope someone will find your reply useful!


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