Panasonic Viera restarts with blinking green light

Hi ifixit team, I have a TX-40GX700E and only on 3 specific channels the TV restarts every few minutes by itself. More specifically, while restarting it turns black then the green light is blinking and then the screen turns back on. The TV has the latest firmware and the weird thing is that it does only on 3 channels and its fine in all the rest. Do you have any ideas? Thanks

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Hi @iassael

Are the 3 channels associated with each other i.e. same network or do they belong to different networks?

Have you tried rescanning for all the available channels again to see what happens?


Hi @jayeff, I have exactly they are the state television. Unfortunately rescanning didn't work.


Hi @iassael

Very strange.

Just verifying that the firmware installed is Ver. 3.040?

Is anybody else you know having similar problems with the state television channels on their TV?


Hi @jayeff, yes this is the firmware version of my TV.


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