Replaced the hard drive and can't get into Troubleshooting mode.

Recently replaced the hard drive due to me getting E102 and E105 errors. I followed the tutorial on here and formatted the hard drive the way youtube videos say to. When I hooked it up nothing was coming up on the tv. I held sync and eject button when turning on the xbox. It made the power on chime but nothing after. I held it for over a minute and nothing works. Screen still blank. Every so often I would let it sit and it would finally make it to the trouble shoot screen. Then when I attempt offline update I get either a E101 error or an E105 error.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong or what I need to do. I feel like what ever problem is occuring it’s not due to the Hard drive. Any suggestions on what I need to do or what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!

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