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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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What have to my screen? top screen appears at bottom

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Can anyone diagnose this problem? I've been trying many methods it doesn't seem to get better, My biggest issue now is how can I call this monitor issue to find the right to fixing it. Is it a hardware or software failure?

Model: Acer g206hql

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Can you post any internal screen and windows settings?

How is it connected? Can you switch cables?

Can you try another device working with the same issues on this monitor?

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Thank you for answering. I swapped the cable(VGA) with my second monitor and the same issue still there so I suspect it might have to do with my monitor hardware or else because the monitor was functioning properly a night before I open it again, thus I've tried without connect the cable the issue remaining


So theres no second device (Laptop, another PC) to test on?

Are the outputs both on your GPU? Can you try an on-board motherboard output?

Then maybe your drivers corrupted, maybe uninstall graphic drivers and try again.


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