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New Bettery, Dead Home Button

I recently replaced the battery in my iPhone 8 with an ifixit battery. Everything was working great, it was just getting really short battery life.

So I carefully replaced the battery and put it back together. When I put it together, it powered up and worked great EXCEPT that the home button does not work. No function, no taptic feedback, nada.

I opened it back up again to make sure all the connections were tight and all the cables were undamaged. Everything looks good. Yet no home button. Any ideas?

I also tried several hard resets, and many more soft resets. Nothing seems to work .I didn’t run into any problems doing the repair. Other than fighting to see the absurdly tiny screws, everything went well. No idea what could have went wrong.

One thing I did do was power on the unit once the battery was connected, but before the phone was reassembled. I wanted to make sure it worked properly. I was reading that that can specifically cause home button problems, but it sounded like those problems were only in older phones, I didn’t see anything seeing that causes problems in iphone 8s.

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Inspect the smaller connectors on the screen that are near the battery connector as that one is responsible for the home button. Make sure there aren’t any bent or damaged pins and inspect that cable for any creases as those can cause the home button to stop working. As a tech myself, I test the new battery before removing the old one just to make sure it works and haven’t had any issues with the home button. If there’s a crease in that cable you should try a new screen.

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