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Line of business laptops originally sold by IBM and then purchased by Lenovo in 2005. Older models (Pre-XX50) have a WiFi whitelist, so wireless card replacement is not as easy as buying a bulk generic card online.

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PCI LAN: Realtek PXE B09 D00

I have a pop-up on my daughter's laptop has this error that pops up and we can't get it off.

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Check if you see a hard drive present in the BIOS - LAN boot (which is what this Realek PXE message you’re seeing is). PXE boot is a common sign of a bad hard drive or bad OS, but often a bad drive. If you see the hard drive, run Hiren’s Boot CD to see if the drive is present and reading data reliably. Once confirmed to be good, run a SMART test and do a self-test to make sure it isn't bad.

If the drive has detection issues, do not mess with it if you need her laptop to work - replace it.

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