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I found one cap was stripped

I am using iFixit Pro tool kit. What to do if one of the 000 screw’s cap appears to be stripped off? How to extract it if perchance?

Block Image

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Perhaps this set will work: Precision Screw Extractor Set

Otherwise you could use the “glue trick”. Do you have any pictures regarding the stripped screw?

Imagem de Precision Screw Extractor Set


Precision Screw Extractor Set


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Hy thank you for your kindly response, here I've updated the thread with the pic of that lil problem, carefully listening to your solution. Stay safe!


Your welcome! Hopefully the extractor kit will work! Please let us know the outcome if possible :)! Stay safe!!


@dan0 Hello, hope this day finds you well. Would you please help me some more. For it has taken a bit with ordering an extractor kit. However generally at 1st sight the design looks neat and those trifurcated tips has to do the job, probably at some other occasion. It simply didn't work now, maybe it's an insufficient grip issue. Yes, a rubber band trick has done nothing better. So if you please before I made a something irreversible, whether to deeping, widening hole into a cap with a drillbit (at lowers rotations rate of course) sounds like a good idea to you? Or should I jump to a glue trick right away.? Thank you, stay safe,



If this won't work, I would go for the glue trick. The very last option is to use a very very small drill and be EXTREME carefull..

Hopefully the glue trick would do the job!


Okay will give it a try, many thanks for helping! Will keep you posted with the outcome. stay safe.


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