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MagSafe Connector on MBP is not lighting (battery is working)

Hi, when I connect the magnetic MagSafe connector to my MBP (upper left of MBP), there are no lights coming on (no orange/green) - it went out today. The battery was replaced last year by me along with upgrading the RAM to 16gb and installed a 500gb SSD. The MBP powers up just fine. I also recently replaced the Apple Genuine MagSafe Power Adapter 2 months ago. Software is updated for this model/year.

Right now I am using what’s left of my battery charge and it is quickly diminishing (I have a hotspot connection). Question - I don’t know if I should try to replace the MagSafe Connector (I think the part is under $20 on your site) or just throw in the towel and buy a new MBP. Any thoughts?? Again, I am working intermittently with a diminishing battery. Thanks to all in advance. Mary.

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Download and run Coconut Battery ASAP, post your results, so we can see what is going on.

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Hi Mayer - thanks for answering. My battery is spinning down quite fast so I’ll post what I can. I don’t know what I’ll do if this battery drains down to zero. FYI, I purchased Coconut Battery so here goes screenshots. Mayer, can you please tell me how to post screen shots - I normally would search your site but my battery is draining. Thank you. Mary.


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