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A collection of guides and support to help with washer repair.

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Samsung washer have to unplug and plug back in to work

My Samsung WF457ARGSGR/A2 does not respond to the power button every time. I usually have to unplug and plug it back and it will work fine. I can start a second load as long as the display doesn’t shut off (power save feature) A warranty repair was done where three boards were replaced in 2015. From what I have read online my first guess is that it is the PCB sub board. Can I test it before I go and order one on Ebay. Is there something else I should be checking/replacing?

3 pieces replaced in 2015




Update (11/24/2020)

Good idea. I didn’t think of trying diagnostic code since I never get an error message on the screen. I’ll need to find diagnostic mode steps for my touchscreen.

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Hi @justjoshunn ,

Seems as though it needs to be reset which may indicate the mainboard

Don’t know the answer but here are some some links that may help.

Here’s how to get into the diagnostic test mode for a Samsung WF457ARGSGR/AA washer. I realize that it is not exactly the same model number but hopefully it is close enough to still be useful. Perhaps running the diagnostics will produce an error code.

Here’s the service manual for your model. It doesn’t show how to get into the diagnostic test mode but it does give explanations about what to look for for each code and also has diagrams with voltage levels that perhaps can be checked to see if they’re correct etc.

Hopefully a start.

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Hi @justjoshunn

The diagnostic tests are shown in the first link I posted. That is the start of how to do it


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