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Suction Handle vs iSclack

I am planning to replace the batteries of an iPhone 5s, iPhone 7 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy A5 2016. I am also planning to replace the LCD of the iPhone 7 Plus, since its cracked.

When do I use a Suction Handle and an iSclack, or is it just preference?

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Use suction cup for screens without adhesive. I prefer heat + thin tool such as feeler gauge for opening most displays.


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Its a matter of personal preference, I prefer to use a combination of heat, suction cup and a thin pry tool.

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I now recommend the iSclack after a recent battery replacement almost turned into a disaster. I was removing the screen from an iPhone using a suction cup and pry tool. Like I’ve done many times before. But this time I pulled too hard and the screen came off violently. The Touch ID cable yanked out of the board and the little metal bracket flew across the room. Thankfully nothing broken and it all went back together none the worse for wear, but I’ll use an iSclack next time to limit the travel of the screen.

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