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How can I unlock my disabled iPod without itunes

My 4th gen iPod touch is disabled for 25,460,298 minutes and has a broken charging port. It is still on ios 6 or 5 I don’t know but i do know that it charges through the 30 pin port, it just won’t sync media to a computer. iTunes won’t install from the apple site, and I don’t want to install it from a shady website, and I cannot install it from the Microsoft store because I am banned (feel free to ask why). I tried iTunes 12, but I want to download iTunes 10.6.3 so I want to do it without iTunes. What I need help with is

  • finding the charging port part for cheap
  • unlocking it using a computer with iTunes or not
  • installing iTunes 10.6.3
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RT_Productions  the part is available at places like this as well as on here I have purchased from both vendors before without difficulties (No, I am not on their payroll :-). Here is the guide for the repair iPod Touch 4th Generation 30 Pin Dock Connector Replacement

Finally, I download old versions of most software I need to run under XP etc from all the time without any issues.

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U cant do that u must use computer to do it using iTunes or other applications

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read again, i said that i am looking for the part first of all


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