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iPhone 8 microphone works in videos, however not on calls/voice memos?


I have a similar issue to someone else on here, the microphones on my iPhone 8 only appears to work while doing specific things - the microphone works fine with Siri, Front and Rear facing video, but doesn’t work for calls on both speaker and earpiece, pretty sure FaceTime & voice memos records a flat line and plays a cracking sound. I am thinking it is the bottom microphone that isn’t working, and am hoping it is not logic board. 

As for history; the screen and back are cracked (bought it like this) particularly near the dock section on the back. However, everything else works fine (as far as I can tell) and I opened the phone up and all water damage indicators are white and the phone is mostly clean with little dust.

I am re-posting this question as I have just received a replacement housing with a new bottom flex charging cable (which has pre-installed microphones), and will install it in the next couple of days. I wanted to see if anyone has any more ideas before I consider spending more money on a new screen?

Thanks in advance, and for the one person who replied before confirming my suspicion that the bottom microphone may be the culprit.

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9/10 its the buttom microphones.

Most likely one or both flex cables leading to the microphones are ripped/torn due to lack of protection on the rear side.

I would test this in the new housing.

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