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Why are there white lines on my phone?

When I turn on my phone, white lines appear. They correspond with my apps and the time. It is not just white lines, then are also red and green. I do not think it is a hardware problem because I never dropped it. Please help.

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@iphone11broken what exactly do you mean by "They correspond with my apps and the time."?


@oldturkey03 Where there are apps and the time, a line the same thickness is up and down the phone. There are no lines anywhere else. But it is not solid they are like faded.


Are those lines just on your home screen or fo they show in an app as we? Same locations?


@oldturkey03 it is in apps as well. When an app is open the whole screen fades, then goes back to how it was when I exit the tab. The whole screen is capable of being normal colors, it just is not.


Sounds like a bad flex/display assembly or could be on the logic board. I'd start off with a new screen


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It sounds like a GPU issue

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