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The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released September 1, 2009.

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PS3 Slim not connecting to WiFi or controllers, what should I do?

My PS3 Slim can't seem to connect to either my wifi or my wireless controller no matter how hard I try. Always claiming there is no acccess

With this in mind, what should I do; would it be wise to get it repaired or find a way to transfer data to another PS3? I've heard repairing a PS3 Slim can be more expensive then buying a new one if its motherboard Wi-Fi that is damaged. Is there a way I can transfer individual save data and an account with a USB? Is there a way I can check if its the motherboard thats damaged.

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Tornevas  I’d start by replacing the WiFi/Bluetooth antennas. Sure it could be the module on your mainboard Which would require either a reflow or a reball with a new module, but try the antennas first. PlayStation 3 Slim Antennas Replacement

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