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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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Is it possible to repair MacBook Pro cracked logo bezel?

I have rather stupidly cracked the small black strip at the bottom of my macbook pro screen. Before you ask - i don’t have Apple Care. My question is whether anyone knows if this section is part of the actual screen or whether it can be replaced itself?

Block Image

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Do us a favor! Take some pics of what you have now and the process as you take the broken pieces out and then one with the empty void and one more with the new one! That way we have something to help others Adding images to an existing question Thanks!


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The part is called a Chin Plate Apple won’t replace this part, they will only replace the entire display assembly!

As long as the glass shards haven’t damaged the ribbon cables just behind you should be able to replace it and save your self $800 ~ $1,100 USD! Plus the labor if you let someone do it.

Here’s the needed part MacBook Pro 16" A2141 2019 2020 Screen Glass Bezel Logo Strip about $38 USD!

Now the very tricky part you’ll need to use a hair drier to warm up the strip to soften the adhesive and then carefully peel away the shards making sure not to let any fall inwards and don’t poke too deeply behind as the space is very limited!

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Wow - that is super helpful! Follow up question - does the actual screen sit behind the chin plate? or is the chin plate itself just made of glass? (ie that is what cracked?)


We don't have anything (yet) to show what's behind on the 16" systems, hopefully you can help us!

For an idea whats behind the wizards curtain ;-}

Here's a guide which hasn't been completed for the 15" model MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2017 Replace LOGO Baffle on the screen,替换屏幕底部LOGO挡板 Replacement


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