PS4 - Ever seen a HDMI port and HDMI encoder IC fail at the same time?


This thing came in with an obviously bad HDMI port. It was pretty torn up and at least one of the pins was grounded to the body of the port.

I replaced the port without issue. All pins have good connection. No pins are shorted together. I put an HDMI breakout board into the port and confirmed every pin has continuity to the mother board.

Also checked the fuse, filters, and diodes. All good.

Now all I have left is the encoder IC, but I don’t have any on hand.

Before I spend the money and trouble on replacing the IC, I was wondering if anyone with PS4 repair experience has ever had to replace both the port and encoder IC at the same time?

I assume crossing up the wrong pins inside the port could kill the IC but have never seen it happen…

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