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The Lenovo ThinkPad T580 is a 15 inch screen laptop with several different internal configurations. Released in January 2018, model number 20L9

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Forgot to shake and keyboard cleaner foam shot everywhere.

I just got this laptop (used) (also it’s a T560 not that this matters)

I shot the keyboard cleaner out without shaking it and it came out as straight foam. The laptop was off and I took the battery out. I wiped off most of the residue but it wasn’t fast evaporating like it does normally. Right now the laptop is lying screen and keyboard side down on the carpet.


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You did the correct thing by removing the battery. Even when the laptop is off, there is always power available at various points on the motherboard. The power button is not a power isolating button. It merely signals the BIOS as to the user’s intentions. Think of the laptop as being in an extremely low power state rather than being totally disconnected from the power, when it is turned off.

Check the ingredients on the label of the keyboard cleaner and see what it states. Depending on what type of “additives” are included in the mixture with the alcohol may decide what residues are left on/in the laptop. Hopefully it is purpose designed and that there are no conductive residues left when it dries out. Time will tell I suppose.

If there are any problems after it has completely dried and you turn on the laptop, here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop. On p.94 it details all the necessary pre-requisite steps and the procedure to remove the keyboard assembly. This should allow you to check the motherboard to see if the liquid (foam) passed through the keyboard and onto any components under it etc.

Also if there are any damaged components, here’s the parts list. Click on Select Commodity to find the part and the part numbers. Search online using the part number only to find suppliers. Hopefully you won’t find it necessary to do this.

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update: long story short, after disassembling it partially and a few calls to the manufacturers of the dusting chemical, I turned it back on and it worked just fine. There is a solid layer of material between the keyboard and the rest of the components and that must have been what must have stopped the liquid at the time.

Thank you so much for the help. Following your advice gave me a more control over the situation than I felt I had at the time. I really appreciate that and you! Thanks again.


Hi @Face,

Thanks for the feedback.

Short story, long ;-)

Liquid damage is always problematical as it may take some time to surface but disconnecting the power as soon as possible is definitely the best 1st step to take. After that doing what you did by allowing it to dry (since it was a normally fast evaporating liquid and not another type of liquid e.g. coffee, juice etc that takes a long time to evaporate), and opening it up and inspecting it would be next. If it were coffee or juice etc then disconnecting the power and then opening it up to disperse the liquid and dry it would be the way to go

Hopefully the keyboard itself will also not suffer any long term problems from the liquid.

If the keyboard does start to exhibit some problems, letters not working, sticking keys etc then replacing keyboards rather than trying to repair them is the better way to go, as you can create more problems than what you had when trying to repair keyboards.

Also if it becomes necessary to try to fix liquid damage, i.e. remove corrosion (or disperse any liquid if doing this early on) use Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available from electronics parts stores) to remove any corrosion etc. This is also good for cleaning purposes ;-)

Disconnect the power when doing this as to my knowledge "all" liquids conduct electricity to some degree (except distilled water) due to the impurities in them, so don't risk it. The beauty of using IPA 99%+ is that it evaporates quickly and importantly leaves no residues, conductive or otherwise. Some people say that "rubbing alcohol" will do and it may at a pinch if you have nothing else at hand but usually it is <70% IPA and can contain additives which may leave residues.

Also these two links may be of interest regarding liquid damage and electronics

Electronics Water Damage

Rice is for dinner, not repair



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