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Disc won't insert all the way

So I just recently bought a ps3 cecha01 model from eBay. When I try to insert a disc it either doesn't take it at all or, when I fiddle with the gears a bit, it takes it almost all the way. The disc never fully makes it to the spinner and the gears are working fine (I think). Could it be the IR sensor or would this just be a gear issue? I'm trying to avoid buying a new unit.

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Possibly a bad motor in the drive unit, a bad sensor, or crud in the gears/rails. It depends on what “it takes it all the way” means — are you pushing the disk in? Does the drive close on its own with no disk? If you’ve taken the drive unit apart and thoroughly cleaned and lubricated the moving parts, it might be time to look at a replacement.

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Yeah the right side of the drive seized up. I decided to just go for a replacement


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