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Can I do repair when the phone is not completely turned off?

I'm trying to repair a phone which has a broken power button. I managed to get the phone turned off but it just turns straight back on again because of the broken button. Is it safe to try to take the phone apart when it is in standby or should I just wait until the battery dies? Taking it apart would involve using the iopener to melt the adhesives.

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I would not recommend that, due to the possibility of a shorting something out, specially the battery. It is highly recommended that the device you will be working on is to be powered down.

As an optional thing, which I also recommend is to ground yourself with an Anti-Static Wrist Strap, to better protect both yourself and your device.

When you are working on the device, be care to disconnect the battery without puncturing it, as that is the fastest way to start a fire. So, again, power down the device, if not possible let the battery deplete. Then open the device, disconnect the screen and disconnect the battery.

Any questions, let me know.

Alex H.

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Just be EXTREAMLY careful, don’t touch or poke anything, it’s risky, but it can be done

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