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Software Problem in Screen Unresponsive?

Hi guys , my screen is unresponsive, it doesn’t have hardware problem, does software needed to be fixed to fix this screen problem?

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What tests have you completed to rule out parts and hardware?


@imicrosoldering i tried other screens, and its the same.


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Ok, it could be a couple of things:

  1. Check for the latest software. Sometimes an update that is available may have a patch to the problem, if it’s a known issue and a solution was found.
  2. Find out the screen mode, if it’s set to Standard or Zoom. Sometimes, when on Zoom, certain functions may not work as well, because the area where you press has been slightly moved to accommodate the change. If Zoom is on and don’t need it for everyday use, turn it off, restart the phone and that could help.
  3. If AssistiveTouch is enabled, that can also cause the screen to not act as expected. You may need to press double to on the option that you want to select something, instead of once. Go to Settings, Accessibility, Touch, AssistiveTouch, turn Off. Again, if this setting is on, you may need to tap twice on everything in order to get to it and turn it off. While you’re there, also make sure that 3D Touch & Haptic Touch is disabled. Sometimes that option can cause problems too, when selecting items/options on the screen.
  4. If none of the options bellow do not work, the next step is to try a Hard Reset. Back up all your info first, then Erase All Content and Settings. You will need to sign out of Find My, in order to proceed. Once you have done that, then hopefully the problem is fixed by the hard reset.
  5. Lastly, if any of those options do not help you, then you may be indeed be dealing with a problem with the screen digitaizer and need to be replaced.

Hope those options may be of some help. Any questions, feel free to reach out.

Alex H.

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