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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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Should I clean the chips that have thermal pads with ArctiClean?

I was wondering if I have to clean the chips that have the old thermal pads after removing them and before applying the new thermal pads.

Also, I'd aprecciate if someone could answer this other question: Can the processor reflowing technique be used just to prevent the YLOD instead of fixing it? Because my PS3 has been overheating a lot recently and it once got the YLOD, but it apparently fixed itself because it's working normally now: I can play games and watch movies. Furthermore, does it make any difference to set a PS3 vertically or horizontally?

Thank you for your patience.

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When replacing thermal compound, it's always a good idea to clean off the old caked on compound. You asked two questions and I don't have an answer to the second one.

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Thanks for the time Mayer, but I think you are mistaking the Thermal Grease or Thermal Compound with the Thermal Pads. The Thermal Pads I'm Referring to are the ones shown in this picture. I aked if I should clean the chips that have these old thermal pads before applying the new ones.

Thank you,



Hello oldturkey03,

My PS3 has no obstructions at all near the vents, and there are 30+ centimetres of open space to it's front and back, and at least 10 centimetres of open space to its sides. Do you think that's enough space?

Thank you again,



Hi Pedro, that sounds like a fair amount of open space and should be sufficient to provide enough airflow. I am sure you already have your PS3 opened and cleaned all the dust and debris out. But, as we all know the PS3 is susceptible to the YLOD due to loss of connection from the IC to the logic board....;-) so you may have to go that YLOD repair route. Good Luck.


Thanks guys.


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+ totally agree with that one. You should position your PS3 so that the air vents are clear of any obstruction. Avoid shaggy carpets, tightly enclosed entertainment centers etc. you can download a repair guide for the YLOD from here and here Yellow Light of Death Repair is an excellent guide.

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