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CPU/NAND short repairable by anychance?

So there was an issue with a customers iphone xr boot looping and so when i took it apart and looked at the board under the microscope i found that there was a cpu/nand short on the board, is there anyway i can repair this? because i dont see a way how i would microsoder a new component on.


As i have researched this question i have not been able to find any success as it being repairable but i just wanted to make sure this is correct

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We will need more information:

1.       What line is shorted?

2.       What is the diode reading?

3.       When you say boot-looping does it show the apple logo?

4.       How long does it stay powered before looping?

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its fine now, the customer bought a new phone instead because they were leaving for vacation and didnt want to wait, but thank you for your time


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I would consult with a board specialist such as Jessa from iPad Rehab. If I’m not mistaken, it’s not repairable on the XR but I’m not a board specialist.

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ok thanks will do


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