What else can I do after I changed the I/O board?

Hi all,

Working on my sister’s laptop. In the beginning of this summer June ‘20, her laptop will not stay on unless plugged into her power adapter. As soon as one would take off the power adaptor, the laptop would immediately shut down. Also the laptop would not power on unless plugged into the power adapter.

At that point, I did numerous SMC resets, PRAM resets, performed a factor reset on her laptop and nearly changed the battery (did not due to the result from coconut battery). I had a friend take a look at it and apparently a bit of liquid may have gotten on to the I/O board. Instead of changing the entire logic board since it is expensive, I decided to change out the I/O board from iFixit. Now, it will power on without the wall charger but after two minutes it will shut off again.

I attempted to reset the SMC, updated the software, and will next attempt to reset the PRAM. I checked the battery health on Coconut Battery and the battery seems to be in good health. Listed below are the results from Coconut Battery:

  • Full Charge Capacity is 94.9% 6089 mAh
  • Design Capacity is 85.2% 7150 mAh
  • Cycle count is 469

I know I read another post to check the System Information in the About This Mac. All it states for the SMC version is 2.27f2 which did not seem to change from before reseting the SMC and after.

I would like to fix this issue. I have searched endlessly on the internet to find a solution that would help salvage an Elementary teacher’s laptop. If anyone else has any other suggestions on how to fix this, I would be grateful.

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I would recommend testing with a known good battery. Even if the results from coconutBattery are normal, it's worth doing. Maybe you have a friend with a MacBook Air that would let you test with their battery?


I asked a friend to allow me to use their MacBook Air Battery to see if anything changed. It did not better the situation unfortunately.


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