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Won't start, only 3 beeps.


My PS4 were updating and restart itself, after my PS4 restart itself it died again, I thought it will do it again but never woke up. I tryed to start it, no reaktion.

I toke out the cabel for a while and when I put it in again it just beeps 3 times and stay off in clients.

Today I bought a ny PSU cus I thought it was somthing with the power. But NO!

It's still dead! What is the possible problem?

Somting with the mainboard/mothercard/motherboard? (Only know the swedish namn of it..)

Need advic, please help me!

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Anyone please???????


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Try this, with the PS4 plugged in, press and hold the power key until you hear two beeps. If the console turns on and begins the database rebuilding process, you’ve fixed the issue – there may be a corrupt file or something similar halting the initial startup process. If you don’t see anything, or the issue persists, then it’s likely not a software fault.

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Thanks for your answer.

I can hold the button down, but nothing will happen.

It is completely dead except for this 3 beeps you hear when you plug in the power cable.

I have tryed ronstadt without the harddrive, and it's the same thing..


well restarting it with the hard drive wont do anything because the system doesnt have anything to boot off of then.


without the hardrive*


so ill suggest two things, first clean out the ps4 very well, unplug everything and replug everything back in, again, and if that doesnt work your ps4 is most likely a goner then.


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