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Model A1001 or A1025 / 667, 800, 867, or 1.0 GHz G4 processor

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Why can't my airport card be detected?

When in Profiler the Airport Card tab shows No information. When in System Preferences / Network, it isn't even listed in. I have no problem connecting to my network using an Ethernet wired connection.

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The ethernet connection and airport have no relationship. To use your airport, replace the card or try reseating it. Here's how: PowerBook G4 Titanium DVI Airport Card Replacement Here's the part: [produto vinculado ausente ou desativado: IF143-010-1]

Of course the hardwired connection is going to be faster.

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Your only option that I know of now is to reinstall your system and hope it shows up.


Thank you for your response, I have replaces the Airport Card with known good card.Profiler still shows No information shown. And it doesn't show in Network,in Preffrences.


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