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Cozmo is a tiny robotics toy designed and created by the Anki Software company. Cozmo has features that allow it to interact with its environment, such as facial recognition, emotional display, and the ability to move.

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One of the treads on my cozmo wont work. How do I fix it?

Ok so, one of the treads on my cozmo broke and he can only move in circles now. Is there any way to fix the treads?

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christopherstormthomas  sounds like possibly a bad servo or a a stripped wheel. The wheels have a gear on the inside of the hub where they connect to the motor. If it is stripped, replace the wheel. If that motor does not turn on, check the wires etc. Check this video at 1:50 to see how to take the wheel off. Post lots of pictures while you work on your Cozmo and post those with your QUESTION so that we can see what you see. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

If you really just need new treads, get some replacement from places like this

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