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The Lenovo G70-80 is a 17.3" laptop released in 2016. It is no longer produced as of April 4, 2017. In these guides, we explain how to replace a battery, CD drive, hardrive, RAM, and screen.

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What other laptops take the ram and memory stuff

My laptop dont work i want to get my stuff off by using a diff laptop i want to switch the insides to a diff laptop

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Good afternoon,

Are you looking to retrieve your data from the hard drive or are you looking to create a functional laptop?



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You really can’t move things around that much any more. Newer systems use different interface standards. It’s just best to either get your system working or get a new system.

The best thing here is to just take your current drive out if your system is no longer working and use either a case or adapter cable to convert the drives SATA port to a USB-A or USB-C connection so you can connect it to your new system (new or used).

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Device does turn on and i wanted all my stuff that i had on there on a diff laptop


Well, that's good to hear! You have a few different ways to transfer your stuff to the new system. Here's a good writeup on the different ways! How to Transfer Files from PC to PC. The PCmover app is nothing more than a cloning app.


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