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A versão slim do clássico Xbox 360 com disco rígido de 250 GB e Wi-Fi integrado. O reparo requer ferramentas complexas de alavanca e ferramentas especiais.

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What voltage range is permissible for 12v input?

I want to power Kinect from unregulated 12v lead-acid battery. Is anything likely to fail ?

I AM doing this and so far, so good !

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Why not just build a relative simple regulator. I did this for a car computer at one time. Still have the block diagram, not even sure where it came from. The zener power rating is equal to the zener voltage multiplied by the maximum current. Just an idea to may be safe your Kinect from unregulated voltage....:-) good luck.

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GENERAL. WARNING I MEAN GENERAL. by GENERAL I MEAN GENERAL, limitations for power supply inputs is +/- 1V to +/-.5V. HOWEVER, different electronics have different limitations. Some are super sensitive and others aren't. Running electronics at voltages other than specified WILL cause premature failure.

Are you using a battery because your power supply is shot?

If you were handy enough to wire up a 12V battery for use, I would recommend that you look into either a 12V computer power supply (that can supply the necessary wattage, check that) or look for a 12V voltage regulator. Either of these will be a step up from using just a battery as they will supply a continuous voltage that should help reduce the potential of damage caused by fluctuating voltage.

Also, Your device says "new" your equipment not still under warranty?

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Many thanks for your replies. I realize my question needs to be clearer. The Kinect is a 12 watt device, which means there is insufficient power available from USB. Microsoft added a 12v power line(that is why the Kinect socket on Xbox 360 is not conventional USB socket).

I have mounted the Kinect on an autonomous robot which has a 12v lead-acid battery and I want to power the Kinect from this battery. Unfortunately it is not easy to provide a 12v regulated supply from a 12v source (there are adaptors which will do this, but not cheap like a simple 3-pin regulator, and PROBABLY unnecessary). The Microsoft PS outputs 12.25v unloaded. My battery was, at the time, charged to exactly 12.25v, so taking this as a sign from the gods, I risked connecting it ! Now after a full charge the battery votage rises to 12.55v. I have not yet had the guts to connect my brand new Kinect to this, although it is only 5% above nominal voltage, and I think it SHOULD work. I am wondering if anyone else has tried this.


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As Phil mentioned, it varies at lot from device to device. However, in general you're always safer if you're supplying the voltage on the "source" side of the power supply. In other words, if you have a device that takes 12V into its power supply, which it presumably steps down into 5V or 3.3V rails, you're probably ok. Most power supplies are designed not only to step down incoming voltage, but also do some power conditioning like smoothing out any fluctuations and preventing against overvoltage or undervoltage damage.

If you're shortcutting the power supply and hooking up directly to the main power rails on the device, caveat utilitor. Chips and other components on the other side of the power supply can be much more fickle when it comes to their power requirements, and generally don't have as comprehensive protection against strange power spikes or noisy sources.

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I have been using the Kinect sensor of a lead-acid battery. Scary it first, but I have had no problems. The battery has reached voltages around 13v after charging. No issues with the Kinect. I believe the 12v is only used for it's motor. I want to push it higher. At times (while charger is connected the voltage reaches 13.6v. I still have not had the guts to try this, although my gut feeling is that it won't be an issue either.

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