Why all the light in the panel the control blinks and after shuts dow

What happen with my washing machine in first fills with water and them stop don’t do anything and after a few intent to fix the problem the lights in the panel of control when I connect it in the electricity starts all blinks and after all shut it off and don’t do anything

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Hi @valdez64 ,

What is the model number of the washer?

Do all the lights on the control panel blink or only some? If only a few, which ones?

Was there a power outage or a storm recently that affected the power supply to the house?


Hi jayeff the model is Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine # 11044722401 but no that I know the light was ok the only thing I do was disconnected and connected a couple times and the lights in the machine blinks all at the same times for like a less a minute and after that all shut off and don’t do anything else I already change the cool water entrance and I order the door lift switch but because all the lights do this I think maybe the problem is other


Hi @valdez64

Which individual lights are blinking, you didn't say?

If there are only a few lights blinking and not all of them then this will tell what the problem is because it tells what the error code is. Then that can be looked up to see what component it relates to.

p.s. sometimes the iRobot (automatic spam checker) on ifixit confuses model numbers with spam, that is why your replies were deleted. I have restored all your comments but have deleted 2 comments as duplicates and just left the one and have also restored your deducted reputation points.



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