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Second of its generation, released in November, 2011, the Sony SLT Alpha-65V is a SLT (Translucent Mirror Technology) camera with a Sony Alpha/Minolta lens mount.

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GPS seems to working not any more

The GPS is switched on , GPS supportdata are up to date but no Coordinates are displayed. The Icon in Display showes a Satellite and a Parking ban sign.

Any Suggestion how to check the GPS? Is it a module or integrated at the mainboard?

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GPS on camera should always modules, that is how they make the different models with and without GPS, in your case this might not be, I found this service manual, I am not able to locate the GPS, they usually sit on the top cover assy, in this case it MIGHT be GP868 ASSY, PN: A-1837-380-A. I did not find any extra info the part.

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