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MacBook Pro LVDS Cable Replacement?

Hello everyone. I need some guidance.

This MacBook I have one day just kicked the bucket with the display and Apple logo on the back overnight, few days ago. I’ve tried all (and I mean, ALL) solutions that don’t require replacements.

The MacBook can connect through HDMI and work perfectly, kind of like a Mac Mini. The webcam and its green light still works, along with everything else.

When I go into 'Displays’ under About this Mac, it does not detect the internal display at all.

I’ve asked around and researched and I believe something clearly needs to be replaced.

I have disassembled the display from the MacBook. I can’t see any corrosion on the cable or connectors on the logic board, and display. I’ve never dropped or spilled liquid on this MacBook.

Is this an LVDS cable or logic board issue, or something else?

There’s a cheap broken display I can pickup nearby which I can use to determine the issue between the cable, display or logic board, right? How would I know what the issue is tied to?

Trying to learn stuff along the way.


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If you have already reconnected the display cable on the motherboard try taking off the screen and checking the other end of the cable. Find a guide to help you-it's not hard. Sometimes in these models the screen will go black because there's a connection problem. Usually motherboard side but the problem can sometimes be on the screen’s connector. If this doesn't work you can try a broken screen.

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Okay thanks I’ll try this. When reconnecting to test it, do I have to connect all the antennas as well? Or just the display cable for a quick boot then shut it off after a few seconds.

Just don’t want to screw it all back in just to find i have to disassemble it again if that’s the case.



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