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Repair information for standalone freezers.

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Spilled cup of water down air vents in back of freezer what do I do?

I spilled a cup of water down the air vents in the back of the freezer…i can see water streaming down back of fridge not a whole lot though, and when firdge is plugged in, it makes whirring noisss and sounds like it's having a !&&* of a time operating.. how do I fix it or is it toast?

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I have this problem too, except it’s a 1.5 gallon Brita that spilt in my refrigerator. Below the fridge in the freezer, there are frozen streams of water coming out of the fan housing. The motor was making a terrible noise.


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Nothing… Your in good shape, just watch for ice build up and weird noises, which would be just ice building up

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Ok thank you, the noises legit scared me there they sound like the motor is about to start sputtering lol low then loud lol not a fan but happy it's ok so thanks again


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