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Announced on October 16, 2014, identifiable by the model number A1347 and EMC 2840.

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Where are the two ambient temperature sensors on a late 2014 Mac Mini?

I’m monitoring the temperature of all the sensors on a Late 2014 Mac Mini (Macmini7,1) and I was wondering if anyone knows what the difference between the “Ambient" thermometer and the "Ambient 2" thermometer is? Even better does anyone know exactly where they are inside the unit?

I’ve got the Mac Mini downstairs in the basement and as we're now moving into Spring and eventually Summer, I want to keep an eye on things down there to ensure they don’t get too hot.

The actual room temperature is 15.1ºC and the Ambient is reading at 27ºC and the Ambient 2 is reading at 25ºC. Does anyone know much about the placement of those two sensors in the Late 2014 Mac Mini? I assume they are measuring air temp inside the case, and not inlet temperature. I’ve not been able to find much online about where those two sensors are inside the unit.

I’m more curious than anything else. I’m happy to use the ambient sensor temperatures as a proxy for the overall environment, but I’m curious as to where they are.

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Sadly, the Mac mini Late 2014 Teardown is all we have to work off of. Finding the schematics and board views are just not available.

The most logical place is on the logic board its self. The only sensor I’ve been able to identify is the fin heat sensor which is located here

Block Image

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Thanks Dan, I think that's most likely to be one of the ambient sensors, as it's not close enough to the ECC to be the memory prox sensor, so I'm going to use that for now.


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