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The long-awaited refresh of the popular Mac mini. Processor options include 3.6 GHz quad-core Intel Core i3, 3.0 GHz 6-core Intel Core i5, and 3.2GHz 6-core Intel Core i7 processors.

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Can you swap a logic board mac mini 2012-2018

Hi just wondering if the new mac mini 2018 logic board can be used in the old 2011-2014 mac mini are the power supplies compatible need faster transfers of data any other things i am missing thanks in advance

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Sorry too many differences!

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Dan you say too many differences could you list them, its not to be used in the mini enclosure. and connected to its own power supply the only problem i see is restructuring the power plug. thanks Gaz


Physical size differences the board just won't fit!


Hi Dan I am not looking at using the housing of the Mac mini just the logic board to run a different machine can I PM you and structure a consult regarding this build


@gjwether - I'm not following what you are trying to do here. From the Q you appear to want to place a newer logic board into an older case. This is just not possible as the newer logic board is physical bigger than the older system and the layout and services are also quite different.

Now you appear to what to use the logic board bare boned. Thats not really possible either.

I don't get into mod'ing so I don't see how I could help you beyond what I've stated here.

Frankly, it would just make better sense to just buy the wanted system or look at getting something that meets your needs which might be a Hackintosh build. There are better sites that get into this if that's your direction Hackintosher


Dan the size of the enclosure we use is around 4 times bigger than the mac mini enclosures size is of no importance, my only work around is the power supply we use our own fans so just need to power the logic board

this is the unit.

we have 5 of the older units and need to make them faster for more camera imputs the units retail for $40.000 so as you can imagine its a lot of wasted hardware and cost to upgrade i just need to use a new faster board installed Gaz


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