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Does fixez .com have good quality parts? (not necessarily for iPhone 6

In general, is the quality of their parts good? the phone i need to repair, the essential phone, ifixit doesnt sell a screen for a reasonable price

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Is there any parts that i should avoid like the plague?


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There are good suppliers and then there are subpar suppliers and then there’s absolute garbage suppliers. But with the whole virus going on, it has been effecting the quality of even the best suppliers. A lot of us independent shops recommend Mobile Sentrix, Injured Gadgets, and Mobile Defenders. If you’re getting into the repair game, make sure you can invest in a beefy stock so at least 3 screens per color per model. I use Sentrix as my main supplier and the other two as backups in case Sentrix is out. All of them offer lifetime warranties and love the extended capacity batteries they offer.

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Thanks so much!!


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