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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Can't figure out what's wrong with my Tab3 10.1

Hello guys.

First of all, i want to apologize for my bad English . I am portuguese, but I prefer to describe my problem in English in order to have better chances of help.

So, i got a Samsung Tab3 10.1 and suddenly it start to show some charging issues. Last week, i stopped being able to charge the tablet. I thought that was the battery dying, so i changed it for a new one. My problem still not solved with a new battery. When i connect the tab trough USB port, to my laptop, the computer beeps like something was connected, but still no image appears on the tab. So, my question is, what can i do to detect the real issue? Is it motherboard? Screen lcd? Charging flex?

I will be very grateful if someone can help me.

Hoping some feedback.

Thank you all!

Mário Eusébio

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If computer is not reading the tablet as a usb-device or you can’t see in your tablet transfer options, there is a chance that you have a bad charging port, or some pins are not making full contact with the board. You can try with a new charging port/charging port flex, and if it does not work will be a charging IC problem.

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Charging IC problem, means a new board right?

But, even with a new battery, it shows no signal on the tablet screen. Can it be multiple issues?


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