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Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 audio and video connecting in sink problems

In addition to my video and audio no longer being connected somehow I manager to screw up the stereo audio so that both audio are not connected. The 2 audios are now separate. How do I fix this? It’s my mistake.


Rob Schmidt

Los Angeles

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We are really into the hardware side of things.

Sync issues between your image and sound is something you should be able to fix within the software.

But a common issue I have seen is your drive’s space and free space can create issues! Are you working with a SSD drive as well as one with lots of space and is it the OS boot drive?

HDD’s get fragmented over time which can mess you up, Not having enough free space can also lead to issues and then you need to think about the virtual RAM & scratch space the app is using.

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Please do NOT respond to my post unless You actually know what You are talking about. Not that it matters, but I have a SSD. And, while I know is mainly hardware I thought this would be a good place to start.

Dan please do not waste my time again unless You really know the answer. I hate it when people respond with theories somehow thinking they are helping when they accomplish nothing.



@robertfschmidt - Best to hit the Final Cut Pro sites.

As I stated at the start, we are hardware not software here.


@danj the problem has been resolved


@robertfschmidt - So what fixed it?


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