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Repair guides and support for the fourth generation of Ford Mustang, including the Mustang GT and Mustang Cobra.

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My car won't start but cranks great

i have a 2004 mustang gt v6 40thyr edition convertible. It has a brand new battery. I have been driving this car and finally parked it in my garage for about 2 month with the battery unplugged. I accidentally bought a new battery so I put the new one in and started the car. (Triee) it cranked over but immediately shut off like it is not getting gas. Now it keeps cranking, all systems are on, but it just won't start. Checked the fuel shut off switch, but it has not been activated so that isn't it. I'm completely confused what it could be now.

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You need to check that you are getting spark. You can get a spark tester or get a spark plug and put the wire on it and put the bottom metal tab on something that is grounded and have someone crack the engine over, you should see a spark multiple times. If you don't you need to start there. Also get a fuel pressure tester. Ford is easy because they have a pressure port on the fuel line, you will need the ford adapter. You said you already checked the interia switch but double check it. It's missing fuel or spark or compression. And I doubt it lost compression when it was running when you put in storage. Check and make sure you have power on the ignition coil.

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By any chance is the theft light lit up on the dash usually happens when replacing the battery…there are a couple ways to get this to go off…leave the key on for to mins…with the doors shut… after 10 mins turn off the key.. take it out of the ignition and get out and close the doors…with the key fob lock then unlock the doors.. should be off…or put your key in the door lock…make like your going to unlock the door but hold in the unlock pos. For 30 seconds… my car was doing the same thing after all that It would start then stall in a few seconds…my fuel pressure regulator line was loose and I had a cracked vacuum line also my air filter box was open and the MAF was exposed to the elements…there are many things (this is actually the reason I bought mine for dirt cheap with 100k original miles on it) also check out the fuel system cut off in the trunk.. just because it's not tripped don't mean it's not shut off…it could be corroded or just dirty and the corrosion will trip it! Good luck folks hope some of this helps someone out, !!

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Hi for the past week I haven’t been able to start our 2004 mustang, but I try what you said and it worked. I tried many other websites as well to no avail. Then I found this site. This all started for me with a new rundown battery and the anti theft light.

Anyway thank you!


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