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Lançado em 16 de setembro de 2016. Modelo 1660, 1778 Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 32, 128 ou 256 GB / Ouro Rosa, Dourado, Prateado, Preto Mattte e Preto Brilhoso.

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Battery drained and the iPhone overheated then stopped responding


I had an issue with my iPhone a few weeks ago which happened while I was texting with my iPhone then suddenly the device overheated from one particular spot which was from the backside of the phone under the camera’s lens within half an inch to be specific. I noticed that the battery percentage is dropping down fast so I immediately turned the phone off, the phone kept heating while it’s turned off I placed it under the AC to cool it down then I tried to switch it on and the phone has drained all the battery, I charged my phone then I turned it on again and it worked normally for a few seconds and after that, it overheated again and the same thing happened to the battery as it drained out rapidly but this time it never turned back on. I tried to switch the phone on, connect the phone to my mac, did all the push and hold buttons methods on the web and the phone refuses to turn on, or give any sign that it's a life.

I lift the phone for a few weeks and now I’m thinking of fixing my iPhone but what I'm concerned about is what are the parts that need replacement.

I hope if someone can make sense of what happened with me and tell me what are the parts that I need to buy, and perhaps what possibly could cause this to happen as my iPhone was always in a tank case (a heavy-duty one), Also I don’t remember dropping my phone or exposing it to any liquid in the past days before that incident occurred.

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You could try another battery but from what you described your phone has developed a short. It is most likely on the VDD_MAIN circuit, PP_BATT_VCC or the VDD_BOOST circuit. You will have to track down the short; you can do this visually or with a thermal cam or power and freeze spray. The component damaged will likely be a capacitor and will need to be replaced. You will probably need a hot air station, soldering iron, multimeter and microscope.

I would do a visual exam first; a damaged capacitor usually reveals itself by disconfiguration and colour.

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Will it be as easy as just disordering the burned component and solder a newer one?, or do I need to replace the logic board?


@alruwaithi It can be an easy repair if you have soldering skills and the equipment. These components are very tiny that’s why we use a microscope. If you have no experience I would suggest mailing it to a repair shop in your area as it will be a lot cheaper than an exchange phone or another logic board.


Yeah, I definitely consider handing my phone to a skilled person, because my soldering skills are not that clean.

Thank you for your feedback :)


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Hi, it seems to be a battery problem. If you’ve changed the battery yourself or paid someone to in the last weeks the replacement could have been made with a bad quality or faulty battery. You should try a new battery. If you haven’t had any replacement made in that phone you should take it to an Apple Store and see what they have to say about it.

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The phone has never been open for any service, and there isn't any apple Genius Bar where I live, and the apple's authorized service provider only offers screen replacement, and if an iPhone has any other issue they will offer to take your old phone and give you a discount for a newer one.


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