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Could a faulty screen cause the phone to keep restarting?

I was given an iPhone 6sPlus, The phone restarts at random. It took several tryes to finally get through setting the phone up, just getting through the set up. I just want to use the phone to try different things with that I would not do with my personal phone. Every once in a while white lines go across the top of the phone and the touch does not work. Could this be a part of the reason it would restart at random?

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Grey / white Horizontal lines at the top with no touch indicate a touch IC fault. Will require a reputable repair shop that does micro-soldering for iPhones to fix.

Restarting on the other hand can be a worn out / bad battery.

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The touch only goes out at random, I can usually squeeze where the screen connects to the logic board and it will work. So I don't think its the touch IC, usually if they go bad, you can not get touch to work at all.


That's exactly how the touch IC behaves. It develops loose solder balls / traces under the chip which causes an intermittent connection. Bending / flexing of the screen can temporarily restore touch as it applies some pressure to the chip.

If it's grey horizontal bars at the top it's 100% touch IC fault. Check first 30 seconds of this video:


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