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battery plug on motherboard broke off

Block Image

Block Image

the battery plug on motherboard just come off, it still works when i hold it against the motherboard, what should i use to put back?

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Any chance for a photo of the MB? If the pads are still in their place, you can use a soldering iron to reattach the broken part. If pads are torn off, you would need to use a soldering iron with some thin wire to connect existing lines with pads.

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I post some photo below, Is there any thing I need be careful of when using soldering iron? I’m 0 experienced on it. Thx.



Those pads are gone. You can use some fiberglass pen to remove the top layer from this part of the motherboard so you can see the traces. Then use solder and flux to connect pins from the connector with respective traces on the motherboard with thin wire. Those two side ones are for ground.

Check out Andrew Paul YT channel for guidance.


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(If you would like to see how it’s done, here is a video on how to do it : )

You will need a soldering iron and a glue gun.

First, you can try to solder back the connector in place using your soldering iron. Only the 2 pins next to each other are important. The other pins and just to hold the connector in place (which can be done with hot glue once your are sure everything is working).

If you can’t do it, you will need to solder tiny wires to the 2 pins next to each other. Make sure that those 2 pins are not short toghether (Solder and wire should NOT bridge the pins toghether [no contact between them]).

Then you can solder those wire to the biggest components you can find on the normal path of the corresponding pins. If you can’t find some that you are able to solder to, then you can gently scratch the top green layer of the motherboard on the normal path of the corresponding pins and solder your wire to the cooper layer underneath.

Once it’s all done, you can glue back the connector to the motherboard to make it is not moving anymore. Use a little as possible and make sure it doesn’t block holes in the motherboard and that it doesn’t block the battery holder from being put back in place. Hot glue can go over components on the motherboard as it is not conductive.

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