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Repair guides and support for wireless and corded computer mice by Logitech.

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Is the mouse salvageable?

Hi there, my logitech g403 had left button failures in fps games(stoping and randomly continuing when shooting on auto-fire) so after I’ve read about the problem on the internet I decided to change the left button switch. As I’m not really experienced at this nor it’s my profession, I don’t have any special tools beside an solder iron, wire and some flux. It was actually my first solder attempt and as a desolder pump/wick replacement, I used copper wires of some cable. Anyway, managed to somehow desolder the switch and solder a new one, but as I was desoldering, noticed that the “surrounding”(or pads if I didn’t mistaken it for something else) of one of the switch pins didn’t look like the other ones. Did I maybe overheat the little thing too much and damaged it? If yes, can it be fixed somehow? Or the problem lies somewhere else. Any help is appreciated. Here are the pics of the small pcb:

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It looks like the tracer pads have been removed while heating or soldering. It is fixable but you will need to run two jumper wires from the switch pins to where they end up on the circuit or scratch the board to reveal the traces and solder a wire from there to the pins. You will have to make sure the switch is fastened properly as it will not be soldered to the board on that section.

 It’s a nice looking project for you.

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I've read about the "jumper wires" but as I'm not an electrician or similar, I don't think I own any, but I have a lot cables lying in my garage. Is there any replacement for those type of wires? Also, why 2 wires if it is just this one pad which is supposedly damaged? Sorry for the possible dumb questions but I'm not really into this, so if you could elaborate a little further I would really be thankful.


@notalberteinst I thought I saw two pads that were damaged. If it is just one all the better. Any small gauge single strand copper wire will be sufficient.


So if I got it right, I need to run a small, thin copper wire from the switch pin that goes on the "problem" pad to where the trace ends, in this case to one of these cable pins soldered on the pcb cause it's where the trace ends. Or can I also scratch a small portion of trace going to the pad and solder a wire to the switch pin?

Also about the fastening you mentioned, if I first solder 2 pins to the 2 healthy pads, shouldn't the switch be firm enough for the work with the last pin? Thanks and sorry for the late reply as it was pretty late for me then. :)


@notalberteinst Either method will work. Just do what is easiest as sometimes it is difficult to get the solder to take to the trace. If you don’t think it will need fastening just run the trace and give it a go.


@imicrosoldering Yo I'm back with not so good news. Decided to go with the first method i.e. soldering the wire on the pin and running it along to where the trace ends and soldered it there, like you can see on the pictures: (sorry for the blurring but it's so tiny I can't get it focused enough with my phone)

After the soldering and putting it together, the left mouse click is working weird, like it press from itself and hold until I press the button to shut it. And when pressing and releasing again it's working like I hold it still. Like the hold and releasing mechanism is not working properly. Did I maybe make some short circuit somewhere?


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