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Repair and disassembly information for the LG Stylo 4+ Android phone, released in September 2018.

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Why does the charging port not register charging cables?

USB-C type wont register unless i wiggle it around into just the right angle what could cause this and how can i fix it

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this is a common problem. i would first try to use another cable to check if its the cable or the port. if a new cable works just fine, there ya go. if not, i would inspect the charge port for any bent contacts or hanging loose pins. make sure to clean with some isopropyl alcohol while youre there. id also check the housing and see if the case for the port has stressed open any causing a loose fit for the cable. one of these two are going to be the cause and solution.


@jostewcrew its definitely the port and when i look inside the port itself seems fine, how would i go about opening up the housing to check for a loose fit?


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there is a teardown guide in progress on this site...i would look via google or youtube on how to open it up. take your time, keep track of what screws go where. once the device is open, you can view the usb port for any signs of prying open. the connector should be solid and not have any gaps in the metal frame. here is an undamaged connector:

one that would cause a loose fit will have the seal down the middle there slightly open...this is what youre looking for. keep in mind, that thats the soldered side so you wont be able to see but the front if there is a gap. but if there is, likely it has split and become loose and perhaps even made loose solder connections on the pads of the mother board.

if it looks fine, i would just solder on a new one since youve gone that far. if you dont have the tools or experience, you can damage your board i would not start if you cant finish. a new usb port installed shouldnt cost that much....hundred bucks or less

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