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Guides and repair information for the second-generation of the North American Honda Odyssey, produced between 1999 and 2004.

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Please save the remaining three hairs on my head, car won't start

I have been tearing my hair out for months and cannot get to the bottom of this, so far two professional mechanics have looked at it and are largely dumbfounded. I’ve poured out almost $500 for parts alone and am out of money patience and maybe even my mind. So far I’ve changed, the ignition switch, the security sensor, the main relay various fuses, the spark plugs, the starter, the battery, the cables, the fuel pump, the fuel filter, the alternator, and battery terminal connectors. when I turn the key, the fuel pump runs continuously at an acceptable pressure and the starter turns on, then stops, then comes back on, etc with no discernable pattern. Although as the battery drains the period of time that the starter comes on decreases while the period of time between pulses increases. When 12v is supplied directly to the starter it starts up immediately. If I jump the car at 13.8 volts I can usually get it started on one or two tries but its Russian roulette if I’m by myself with a start rate of maybe 30%. I’ve noticed that it’s also easier to start when the engine is cold. Please for the love of God someone help me. This car has been a nightmare and if someone is able to help me keep this thing running for 6 more months (until I can buy a new car) I swear I will never buy a honda again.

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You need to take it to a reputable mechanic. Not a guy who says he's a mechanic. Not a shop like midas,Goodyear, Firestone, etc.. these guy usually do maintenance type work or repairs that are obvious. You need to find a small local shop that has a good reputation from previous customers and make a list of everything you put in it, what everyone told you it needed and have someone who actually knows what they are doing look at your car. I can't diagnose your car over the computer it would take forever and probably be impossible because you don't have access to the correct equipment and don't know how to use it.

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