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Why does my MacBook Pro power on by itself in the night?

My MB Pro turns itself on almost every night, sometime between 8pm and 4am. Still not sure when exactly, since I am always asleep!

No, the schedule is not set to wake up. Its not set to do anything.

Even if I pull out the battery and unplug, when I put the battery back in the next morning it boots up automatically, just waiting for some juice to power on! It's been doing this for a year now. Any ideas?

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Please check these Points first:

1. Disconnect any USB devices even the apple mouse and keyboard during suspendmode.

2. Is there a schedule in the timetable of the systemcontrols?

3. Maybe the backupbatterie in the macbook pro its situated on the right side near SD unter the Topcase is old and defect pls replace.

4. You only made an PMU/SMC reset also do a PRAM reset. ALT + Apple + P +R Button on startup till the third chime comes then lift up fingers and boot it itself -> Test

5. a)Under HD/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration delete the files : and

b) Under delete the file User/Library/Preferences

c) Restart and do a PRAM/NVRAM


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Look in System Preferences/Energy Saver/Options to see if it's set to restart after a power failure (not likely, but it's worth looking) to explain the boot when you replace the battery in the morning.

Did you ever run Retrospect or some other automatic backup which might be making it wake up in the wee hours? You don't say whether it's *booting* or just *waking up* in this instance.

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Someone is turning on your computer via the internet. Check to make sure that your firewall is turned on. If you use a modem computers can be turned on from the modem. Known as auto answering

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That wouldn't happen if the computer is turned off. it wouldn't be connected to the intenet


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