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The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2nd Generation is a 14” laptop released in the spring of 2017 and can be identified by model number TP00076C.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3nd Gen. melted base due to overheating

Hi, I couldn’t find a solution here or elsewhere.

Hi, please see the attached image. As you can see, the base covering has been melted due to an over-heating issue with the laptop since I bought it. What are my options for repair? I believe the part number is the following:

Part number: 01YT268 01AY984 01AY938

I have found some replacements on ebay (and one or so on amazon), but they are quite expensive, and the ebay options all ship from Asia with a 2+ month wait-time. Is it possible to somehow repair this, instead of replacing it? As far as I can tell, whatever the covering is made of has simply melted off. If not, what are my best options for replacement?

thank you.

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Update (08/18/2020)

So I got a new baseplate on Amazon for cheap (~50), but as a commenter said if the underlying issue isn’t resolved it will just destroy the next. On startup, with nothing running, the laptop is overheating. My only guess would be an issue with thermal paste?

In the attached picture, under the bracket looking component with the white sticker and barcode is where it is hot. I’m guessing the CPU is underneath? Does this picture convey any potential issue or would I have to dismount this piece? If I do so, is there anything I should be aware of first?

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Update (08/19/2020)

Block Image

Block Image

I think this may be the source of the problem?

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Hi everyone, just wanted to bring this to a close. Thanks to all that assisted me. In the end, I believe the poor application of thermal paste from the manufacturer was the original source of the problem. This model in particular I have read as having problems with overheating, so perhaps this is the culprit… This caused the overheating, and then the destroying of the baseplate. I removed and re-applied the thermal paste (ArctiClean Kit 1 & 2 Thermal Paste Compound Remover + Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound Paste 3.5g + Microfiber Cloth — I got for ~$14) and found that my computer no longer overheated. Once that was taken care of, I bought a replacement baseplate (for about $45 on amazon, but identical to the one suggested in this thread), and my laptop is as good as new. Actually, it’s better than new, since it no longer overheats! Also, the screwdriver I needed was #00; it was a fairly straightforward process, plenty of youtube videos on how to remove/reapply thermal paste.

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Hi @cyanobacteria ,

Is this what you’re after?

According to the parts list for the laptop the cover part number is 00UR146. Click on Commodity Type > Covers

If you search online using the part number only you may find other suppliers of the part that suit you better.

Update (07/08/2020)


I edited your question already - I'm a moderator on this forum ;-)

Here's what you need, I think.

If the price is not right (I didn't look too hard) search for 01YT268 to find suppliers that suit you.

Also just curious. The battery didn't look distorted etc and it was overheating perhaps? Just a thought

Here's the hardware maintenance manual that will help with the dis-assembly if you haven't already done so.

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Hi I believe I made a mistake, but am not sure. What you listed is very close, but slightly off; perhaps compatible though. In any case, this is what I get from CMD:



wmic bios get serialnumber


It can be found here:


HI @cyanobacteria

I only went on the device type that you selected with your question as you didn't specify the model in with the question i.e. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (3rd Gen) Type 20BS 20BT

Whereas what you linked just now is a Lenovo X1 Thinkpad Yoga 3rd Gen (Type 20LD, 20LE, 20LF, 20LG)

They are two different laptops


Hi @jayeff I understand, sorry for any confusion on my end. I appreciate your time and knowledge. I didn't realize that at the time of making this post, and wonder if I can correct it.

From what I can tell, the website you suggested does not have the part needed, unfortunately, but looks like a a great resource. Do you have any other ideas of who could sell it? I've looked around, but haven't had much luck.

Also, I wonder what the material is made of, and if it is possible to repair somehow?



Is the fan running at high speed?

There is a thermal sensor on the systemboard and also an inbuilt one in the CPU which should signal the BIOS to turn the fan on high speed to help remove the heat faster.

It could be the thermal paste but then there should be a throttling effect on the CPU to limit the amount of heat produced by it. This would be noticed by the slower performance of the laptop.

Are the latest BIOS version and Chipset drivers and Power Management drivers installed?


@jayeff To be quite honest I'm not entirely sure how to check the things you suggest, is there anything you would recommend?

For what its worth, there is a significant drop in performance when it is running hot. How would I know if this is the cause of the issue?


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Before replacing anything, you should see to the heating problem.

When did it start?

How is it affecting performance?

What level of usage is your laptop for?

Is heat maybe on the normal level, just the enclosure made out poor quality material?

Download MSI afterburner and watch the themperatures over the several cpus and gpus.

Just buying another enclosure won’t fix it, it might as well melt away again.

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ahh excellent point(s), and a very prompt response. Let me try to respond to your questions in order

The CPU use has been high since I bought it, which is a common issue, and I haven't figured out a solution.

Performance is OK, I think, but it does get bogged down from time-to-time

The level of usage, assuming I understand your question correctly, is mostly for web-surfing, and light academic work (think running programs like matlab, mathematica, and so on).

I remember running some CMD commands when it would get really hot, which doesn't happen too often anymore, and I remember the temperatures being way too high. This could be due to the heavy strain I put on the computer, but I am quite surprised there isn't a mechanism to shut it down or something if the temperature gets hot enough to melt the plastic. The enclosure material I think is good

Thank you for the program, I will download it and get back to you soon with the results

Thank you so much for your prompt response and suggestions.


@cyanobacteria No problem :)

Keep it mind that matlab is in fact a pretty heavy program.

If you don't have a base-cooler, you might wanna consider getting one, they are 20-30 euros for a decent one.


interesting, I didn't expect that to be the case, but you are right. Also, I have downloaded the MSI, As far as I can tell, the temperature seems to range from 50 - 87, and seemingly averaging about 62. Its not clear to me how to reduce it, but perhaps the best thing is to buy a cooler as you suggested.


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